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"Don't let menopause hold you back any longer"

Carrie C.

Ohio, United States

"I've lost 5 lbs and I'm my old self again which is great"

Gay H.

New York, United States

"It improved my mood like nothing else I've ever tried"

Bonnie G.

Ontario, Canada

"I tried everything else, it's been a game changer"

Kristie C.

Alabama, United States

"This supplement has given me hope and confidence"

Kimberly E.

Maryland, United States

"It's from a brand that understands us, women"

Nadine N.

Quebec, Canada

"I was amazed within just a couple of days"

Sue M.

Letchworth, UK

"Taking it for a while now and seeing amazing results"

Melissa P.

New Jersey, United States

"Great results"

"As a fitness and wellness fanatic, I only talk about products thatproduce results... Rejuvit is one of them and among the very few that is worth the money and trying... This product saves me from having to take multiple supplements for different reasons. Quick fast shipment good quality product."

Raiza R., Age 50

United States

"No more sugar cravings"

"My appetite is under control and best of all, I am losing weight and the love handles around my waist. I am so thankful I tried this probiotic supplement. I am on my 4th bottle."

Suzanne O., Age 72

United States

"Great probiotic supplement for fatty liver!"

"Not only is this product great to keep me regular throughout the month, it is awesome a great benefit to me because it helps me with my fatty liver symptoms... This product saves me from having to take multiple supplements for different reasons. Quick fast shipment good quality product."

Jennifer H., Age 45

United States

"Lost over 40 pounds, stomach issues gone!"

"I've been taking Rejuvit for over 6 months. I was trying to lose weight and I had heard that some probiotics actually cause you to gain weight. So I did some research trying to find a product that didn't have that in them. And Rejuvit was about the only one I could find. I used to have some stomach issues, distended bloaty feeling.

That has COMPLETELY gone away. I have lost 40 pounds.

I won't say Rejuvit had everything to do with it, but I do think that it has helped. So I would highly recommend it!"

Nancy V R., Age 52

United States

"Best probiotic brand for leaky gut!"

"I've suffered from IBS off and on since I was sixteen years old and have tried many things to improve the situation... I tried many probiotics and this is the one that has made a difference for me. I need to get another bottle now. I don't want to run out."

Charisse T., Age 60

United States

"Bye bye bloating!"

"Within 3 days all my uncomfortable bloating was gone. I have tried so many other supplements and prescription meds in the past with little results. Rejuvit works wonders and is so easy to take, just once daily. The key to being happy and healthy starts with good gut health and Rejuvit has exceeded all my expectations. I would definitely recommend this product."

Schoreen H., Age 51

United States

"Feeling great!"

"I had to do a round of strong antibiotics and the doctor was concerned about the effect this would have on my stomach. Taking Rejuvit, there were no negative side effectsat all!"

Angie, Age 50

United States

"Bye bye bloating!"

"I have been taking thins for about 4 or 5 months and I can tell a huge difference in decreased soreness, increased energy & decreased cravings. I also have... more regular bowel movements."

Kari S., Age 38

United States

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Good night’s sleep

Been taking this for about 3 weeks. I can now sleep better and have noticeably reduced night sweats. Haven’t lost any weight yet, but my tummy feels lighter. Hoping I’d lose some weight soon.

Hot flushes

I was having at least 5 hot flushes a day , it was a nightmare . I have been taking Rejuvit for a month and I am happy to say the hot flushes are almost nonexistent. I don’t think I have lost any weight yet but I will continue taking the tablets . Many thanks

Give these a go!

On my second bottle of Rejuvit Menopause and not to jinx it but the hot flushes seem to have reduced! I won’t say stopped but they’ve made my life so much easier. I have tried lots of different menopause tablets but these are the best I’ve used. I would definitely say give them a try.

Good menopause relief

I have taken Rejuvit for 2 weeks and I have lost a couple of pounds. Feeling well.

Just started taking them a, will have a better picture in a few days time

Hi my hot flushes have stopped but I haven’t seen any weight loss or any belly not bloating. I still have a belly bloating s😩

Improved symptoms and better sleep!

Have to admit, I was pretty skeptical at first but now half way through my first bottle and already my sleep quality is so much better. I'm sleeping through the night instead of waking. I have underactive thyroid and have experienced little to no joint pain since taking these. (Simliar symptoms to menopause). Certainly feel like bloating has reduced also. I will continue to take for at least 3 months and can only hope my symptoms will continue to improve. While i appreciate people may be skeptical (I was initially) and it may not work on everyone, If you don't try it for will never know!

Very good

Feel so much better

No difference yet

I have been taking it around 8 days so far but I’ve not seen any difference yet

Rejuvit Menopause Relief
Tracy Macintyre

Haven't noticed much difference yet but haven't been on them for long so will give them more time

Rejuvit Menopause Relief
dianah cornelison

Haven't seen a big difference yet.

Still needs time, I guess..

I received the pills only 10 days ago, it is too early to see changes 😊

Rejuvit Menopause Relief

i truly believe Rejuvit have helped manage my menopause symptons .. my hot flushes are no more and i definately feel i have lost some of my meno belly...

Rejuvit Menopause Relief

I’m not talking them on a regular schedule. I don’t know what to expect from them as yet. I will try taking them on a regularly schedule.

Rejuvit Menopause Relief

Rejuvit Menopause Relief


I have been taking rejuvit for 30 days now and I have already noticed that I'm sleeping better and my night sweats are a lot less often. I feel calmer in myself and mind. I would recommend Rejuvit to all lady's to help with the menopause.

Not yet tried but….

My friend recommended Rejuvit to me as she has had great results with her menopause symptoms. She feels calm, balanced and has lost weight too. Currently I am weaning off hrt and so I will start them soon. Can’t wait to feel normal again :)

Rejuvit Menopause Relief

REJUVIT works wonders to me. It helps me managing my foods cravings and control my menopausal mood swing. I will definitely recommend REJUVIT to other women who are experiencing same menopausal woes like mine.

Rejuvit Menopause Relief

Menopause relief

I’m am pleasantly surprised at how good I found these capsules, they do everything they claim to do and more , I feel almost human again , better tempered and no hot flushes , I’m gradually losing hormone belly weight, thank god , would highly recommend regards Heather !!


Are they okay to take with thyroxine? Haven’t taken yet as need reassurance.

Not convinced

On 2nd bottle not noticed any changes!! 2 more bottles to go !


Notice a difference if I don’t take them been on a month and bloated tummy feeling gone .


Noticed my cravings on sweets have decreased.
My moodiness has changed too. More calm!

Still not Sure

I,ve been taking these for 2 weeks, cant really see any change yet but i will keep going, just ordered my second bottle so im positive thinking. Fingers crossed.